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Thread: Basement Washing Machine

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    Default Basement Washing Machine

    I've purchased a 1929 home with a basement, and would like to locate the laundry down there. The previous owners drained via a standpipe w/ p trap toa floor drain. I would like to move the washer to a more convenient location on the other side of the basement. There is no drain there, but the main dwv does run along that wall.

    I will check to make sure my washing machine can pump to the correct height, but I would like to make sure my idea would work.

    Right now, I have a 4" horizontal DWV run, about 4ft above the floor of the basement. I would like to install a T or WYE (which would be appropriate here?), a p-trap, and short vertical standpipe for the washer to drain into. The standpipe would only be about 2 ft tall. I realize it should be more like 3 ft.

    Would this system work?

    I've attached a diagram to better describe what I'm talking about..

    Thanks in advance for the help..
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    I don't know if your particular washer can pump to that height, but it should.
    The primary problem with the diagram is no vent pipe (after the washer standpipe trap) attached to the main stack. (The washer drain standpipe, etc. should be 2".)
    Good luck!

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    I'm new to plumbing, but am learning quickly.. To tie into an existing vent, I must do so above all other fixtures that drain into the stack I'm tying into, correct?

    To reach the nearest vent, I would have to run a line from the washer standpipe horizontal about 8 feet along the back wall, turn at the corner, go horizontal about 6 feet down the left wall, and then go straight up, paralleling the existing stack, eventually and tying in above the 2nd floor bathroom. Would that work? Seems like a lot of work!

    What about installing an air admittance valve? Or is that not as 'safe' as a standard vent setup?

    Can I use a 3" pipe instead of 2" to make up for the short standpipe?

    I'd like to know what my options are, and what the potential down-sides are to each, so I can make an informed decision.
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    I just did the same thing in my 1924 house, my washer pumps up as high as the hose will go with no problems at all.
    My riser is only 18 inches high, 2 inch ABS and no problems.
    If you have a 2 foot riser than you should be in fat city.


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