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Thread: subfloor -- toilet

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    Default subfloor -- toilet

    i put down a subfloor, installed the tub and then found my floors are out of whach (actually my carpenter did this)...i need to level the floors with either mud or self leveler...how high above the finished floor must the pvc connectiont to toilet be? tks peter

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    Default flange

    NOrmaly about a 1/4" so the pipe is level with the top of the flange that will set on top of the finished floor. How do you get floors out of whack if the framing is done properly. It appears that the whole house would have to be off level for that to happen. If so, at least if you spill a bag of marbles you will know where to find them.

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    The easiest thing to do is leave the pvc long, and then cut it off when you get the floor finished and are ready to set the toilet...this gives you options if you decide on say use tile rather than vinal.
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    Default toilet flange issue

    tks for responses...how did it get out of whack? the house is 100 years old and yes whole house out of whack...yes carp should have leveled it was his first responsiblity. does the fact the house is un level make a difference when using mud or self leveler? but bottom line just need an inch?

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    Default Tub Level

    I would think that the floor unlevelness would have become apparent when the tub was set. I presume it is set level and plumb. When I level a floor I shim the upper layer of flooring. Leveler is expensive and the thin part is subject to breaking loose.

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    Default leveling

    meaning you would shim the concrete board on the floor a bit to level? what do u think about using 1/2 to 3/4 of thinset, setting the cbu in level?


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