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Thread: Groaning pipes

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    Well, good news, bad news on this. It appears that installing the water hammer arresters did diminish the sounds of the pipes banging around in the walls, but they still make some reasonable racket in the newly remodeled master bath. I installed them on the washing machine itself, as the instructions indicated rather than to the bibs coming out of the wall. So it's a step in the right direction, but didn't totally fix the issue, at least in master next to wear I sleep.


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    Is this still from the WM? Or, when other things turn on and off? For example, the ice maker of the fridge can do the same thing, and the solution is the same - a hammer arrestor. Some toilets turn off quite fast, and can cause it, and, you may have other things in the house with solonoid valves - say your sprinkler system, etc. Also, if the pipes in the house aren't properly anchored, it can make it worse.

    Some shower valve designs say to install an arrestor, but that is often overlooked by the installer. That one is a bit harder to overcome cleanly. At least some wall would need to be torn out, hopefully, not a tiled one for access to install one.
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