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Thread: Toto Ultimate bowl level low after replacing fill valve

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    steve's nailed it for you. if you don't get it fixed with that good advice, just leave a note for santa to fix it and hope he has to take a leak.
    merry xmas, everyone.

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    I had the same cutting-on-and-off problem with a Toto/Korky fill valve. Talking with the Korky customer service confirmed that I would need the 528T because of the fill ratio you described. But the replacement cap that Terry mentioned is the same for both valves, and since the toilet was less than a year old, Korky sent one in the mail for free. The new cap solved the problem. Putting your original fill valve back with the cap from the new one might do the job and save buying another fill valve.

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    Default Thanks to SteveW, SamC, and Grazzy for responding so quickly

    I did have to remove the tank because the toilet has a sink three inches to the left of it, so there was no reaching the upper end of the valve from below. However, once I got it open, I saw that there was indeed a lot of sediment build-up that needed to be flushed out of the flexible pipe connector. I removed the washer, used Bar-Keeper's Friend cleanser (citric acid plus steel wool dissolved the corrosion without being abrasive) on the screw housings at the base of the tank, and cleaned both rubber gaskets and the two metal rings that sit atop them. Interestingly, I noticed that my plumber had inserted a spring loaded washer (an internal spring surrounded by a black rubber washer about a centimeter high) that he screwed down onto the brass stems that enter the tank from beneath on either side of the large central rubber gasket. I am not whether they came included with Toto's setup, but I have never had any leaks from below the tank, and wondered if this might be a helpful addition to any setup. One of them was worn, and so I simply replaced it. You can find them at The Home Despot for a dollar or two as part of a kit used to repairing Delta kitchen faucets of the one-handle varietal). I rinsed out both the fill valve and the drain pipe, then tightened the hell out of the brass screws as specified in many of the forums specific to the the Aquia model. The entire process took two and half hours, but I worked slowly and carefully out of concern for breaking something or having to redo it right after changing the sink.
    Long story short, as soon as everything was back together, we were very pleased to hear the familiar music of fresh water flowing into the tank once again. And this morning when I checked the floor for puddles, I found none, so Santa must not have used the facilities, though he did stir things up a bit about the fireplace mantle.
    Thanks once again to all three of you for taking time out of your special holiday to assist a fellow Left Coast Toto-Head Flush Meister. You have helped take a load off of all of us.
    Warm regards and royal flushes....

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    We love happy endings!
    Glad it worked out.
    Thanks for your poetic update!


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