I have to do a job Tuesday that I bid, we got it, and they're sending ME to go do it.....it's only moving a hot and cold line away from the exterior walls of this house that that basement has been remodeled, with an added bathroom down stairs.
Anyway, what I'm asking, is I'm "scared" to solder where I have to solder, it's a really old house and to solder 90"s onto the risers that serve the upstairs, I'm scared I'm going to not be able to control the heat ...don't want to start a fire of course. But I had the idea of putting 1/2" shark bite 90"s on the areas Im really concerned about...these will be covered after the drywall is fixed, what I'm asking is do you think shark bites can be trusted to last 20 or so years behind a wall without leaking or blowing off?