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Thread: Briggs Toilet Flush Problems

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    Angry Briggs Toilet Flush Problems

    I have 3 Briggs toilets that at times do no flush even just water. 1 downstairs and 2 upstairs. Of the 2 up, they are on opposite sides of the house and different pipes that go into the basement floor. The one downstairs get the most use and fails 2 of 20 flushes. I have put an auger thru the stool and no improvement. Sometimes I have to plunge many many times to get it to flush. What can I do to fix it or should I just replace them. MY sinks, tub, dishwasher, and washer all go into the same drain in the basement and I have not had any issue with them. HELP

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    I don't think Briggs toilets flush very well anyway. If you rebuild them and put a taller flush valve ( the white tube the flapper sits on) and use just a regular flapper without a hole in the side of it, maybe it will stay open longer and give a better flush.....aside from fooling around trying to get a better flush out of it, if you have the money, replace them with Toto Drake. They flush GREAT with 1.5 gallons, but the trade off is they flush so fast "stuff" stays on the sides and needs to be brushed with the toilet brush.

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    Throwing money and time at something that my not fix the problem is not a good choice. I would change the toilet to something better. Toto Drakes are a great choice.
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