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Thread: main water line break

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    Default main water line break

    the main water to the house broke. it is halfway between the cutoff and the house. the line is nearly cracked in half ( 3/4" copper ). can i fix it and if so how ( cut out problem and/or solder a sleeve over the crack , or some other solution ? ). or should i replace the entire line ( ~ 40' from street to house , including running under the sidewalk ).



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    Replace the whole line. If it cracked in that one spot what makes you think it will not crack in another. It is always best to think of what will happen next. The pipe is old and worn so replace it and never have another problem with it again
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    How old is the service? If it's ten years or older I'd replace the entire line. If it's newer then that it was probably just a rock in the wrong place that made it leak and I'd patch it. Most of the time if you do things by the book and get the water district out there they won't allow you to patch an older line as it's just going to keep leaking.

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    If you are in an area that has water that attacks copper you may want to replace the whole line BUT K copper is very heavy duty and if it is only 10 years old I would cut out 2' of pipe with the break in the middle and just repair the break with 2 pack joint couplings and enough new K copper to do the job.

    Find out if it is K copper.

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    Default water line

    thanks all. the house was built in the early 40s. they had a remod in the 60's but i don't think it had anything to do with the front ( where the water line is ). we have been in the house since 91 so thats 16 years. could be the original pipe from the 40's ? or sometime between, but at least 16+ years.

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    I think it would be in best interest to replace.


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