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Thread: Help! Question on bath remodel - tub sizing

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    Default Help! Question on bath remodel - tub sizing


    We're going to remodel our condo master bath. The current tub is a plastic type and I want to put in cast iron. When I measure the what appears to be the length of the the tub - it looked like 57". All the cast iron ones at Depot are 60". Do standard tub sizes vary like this or is it a one size fits all type of thing and I'm not accounting for the sheet rock?

    I believe the mesaurement is from sheetrock edge to sheetrock edge just forward of the tub opening.



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    Tubs that fit in alcoves are 60" long.

    Most rooms are framed in at 60-1/4"
    Drywall will take up about 1-1/4"
    Tile will take up more space, so that mostly you will find 58" between the walls when finished plus or minus.


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