Greetings, guys and gals; long time no post!

After finishing my house late last year, I've had no questions until now. Many of you were very helpful when I did every scrap of plumbing, start to finish, on my little 5400 sq ft "log cabin". It turned out wonderful, by the way, many thanks!

Now, on to the barn...

No good options for gas here. I'm in eastern NC, and have great county water, coming in at ~55 degrees. I'm just now planning a 4-horse barn, with bathroom, utility sink, and horse wash rack. (My wife is an equine veterinarian.)

I have 400 amp service at the house; the barn subpanel will be about 150' from the house's main panels. Also about 150' away from the utility company's transformer, in case I want to go straight from there. This is sounding like I need to post this on the electric forum, sorry, but to the main point and question:

I was thinking of going tankless for this, as it will be infrequently used, and a low demand system. I've read the posts on electric tankless units, and they certainly don't sound ideal for a residence. What about this type of application?

Thanks for any input,