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Thread: New Filter Question / Iron and Odor

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    I currently have a 6" deep well that has been in service for about 16 years. when it was initially dug, the water quality was quite good with the exception of 1 ppm soluble iron and the occasional sulfur smell. We had an "iron arrester" (brand name) installed consisting of an air injector, a 10" holding tank with an air vent and filter tank with medium (unsure of exact makeup). We haven't had any real issues and had the filter medium changed out as required over the years. About a year ago, the unit stopped backwashing (Fleck unit) so I have been manually backwashing it about weekly. Just before summer, I replaced the well pump due to slowly degrading flow rate and realized that I had iron bacteria (pump looked like it was embedded in fine red mud). Just to be sure I measured the well depth and the pump was about 75 feet above the bottom of the well as originally installed. I chlorinated the well at that time to about 1000 ppm I believe to keep the iron bacteria in check.
    Now, due to the cost of replacing the Fleck backwash valve and the cost of medium, I have decided to replace the filter and install it in a better location - garage rather than the crawl space.
    Lately however, I am getting an odor (sulfur or sulfide) from the cold water in my master bathroom after water has not been used for several hours. The smell goes away after about 15 seconds. The smell is not from the drain and is not in any of the hot water faucets in my house. I will point out that the cold water line in the master bathroom is the first vertical riser downstream of the water filter so I suspect that maybe I have an iron colony in the water filter. I have very little evidence of iron bacteria in my toilet tanks but there is a little slimy sediment in the bottom and in the corners.
    I did have the water tested and it has changed very little if at all since 16 years ago. Everything is in spec but iron is still 1 ppm.
    What type of water filter should I get to remove the iron and also to take care of any sulfur smell I might have?

    Thanks in advance

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    If you have IRB or sulfate reducing bacteria problems, no filter will work. You have to kill the bacteria and you can't use a UV light to do it. I use an inline chlorine pellet chlorinator and special mixing tank system that works very well. You;d follow that with a special carbon in a backwashed filter to remove the taste and smell of the chlorine and any dirt the chlorination caused. I suggest the latest revised and greatly improved version of the Fleck line of control valves; the Clack WS-1 to be specific. It's the best choice for a DIYer that wants to repair their equipment instead of calling a dealer for service.
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