I was putting up a fence on Monday and I hit a telephone feeder cable. I called Miss Utilities and they had marked out where the line was so they thought. I was 5 feet from there marks. There was no tape or anything else to let me know that I was going to hit something. You can clearly see the marks that were put down. It did get out a camera and took about 50 pics of everything.

When I hit it I called the phone company and called Miss Utilities. Miss Utilities will not come back out to look at there lines compared to where I was digging. The phone company is telling me it will be $3000 to $5000 to fix the cable. They have fixed the cable and form what I was told I will be getting the bill.

I donít think that I should have to pay for anything but what should I do? I called my lawyer and he came out with his video camera and he told me that if it went to court I would end up paying for it.

According to Miss Utilities they will be within 2 feet from the cable. I was 5 feet off there marks and still hit the thing.

Iím tossing this under a plumbing because I would think someone would of hit something and would know what I need to do.