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Thread: 5 minutes of well water

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    Exclamation 5 minutes of well water

    I need some advice on what might be wrong with my well. We only seem to get about 5 minutes of water at a time and then the water stops. The pressure is very good during the 5 minutes of water we do get. We have to wait about 20 to 30 minutes before we can get another 5 minutes of water. After running out of water one day, I went out to go look at the well system and I could hear the pump running even though no water was being used. There is a small drip coming from a tall skinny silver tank. I wouldnt think that that would have anything to do with the loss of water but I guess it could. I put a new air tank on it and the PSI registers 30. Any help I can get would be appriciated. My family and my plants really need the water and I would like to see if I could solve it myself before I resorted to calling a well repair man. Thanks! Lee.....

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    Default Limited Water

    Sounds like a clogged nipple on the well head or a nipple that's been limited. Get a well guy (or gal) to check it out. Guys like us just don't carry the tools that are needed for this limited opportunity job and the rental center wouldn't know what to rent you.

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    If this is a submersible system, you may not have the pump set deep enough. It sounds like it's running out of water to pump and the well isn't recovering fast enough for the pump. Do you know how deep your pump is and your static water level?

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    Sounds like you either have a sanded up screen,or your water level has dropped and your pump is pulling well down quicker than it can refill ,say a well is a 100' deep many times the pump pick-up is at 40' for an example and the static water level is at say 18' when your pump cuts on it is pulling the well down past the 40' level EXAMPLE ONLY. that is why you have great pressure for a bit then when water is lower than jet or pickup it slows to a trickle.just a scenario that happened to me it got worse and worse until I had a new well drilled!

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    Talking sounds like

    Sounds like you should call a well man and get an estimate to repiar youir system.

    A well can drive you absolutely crazy trying to figure it out yourself.

    And Once its down , then you are really at someones mercy.

    Call someone while you still got water, not when it becomes an emergency.

    If you do run completely dry,
    If you got a neighbor nearby, you can borrow water from them by simply taking a garden hose and tieing it on to their ouitsied faucet, then run it over to your house and coupling that end on to your outside faucet.

    Shut off the main valve to your well so the water doesent go back down your well and then turn on both outside faucets. Their water will run through the garden hose and give you some low pressure in youir home.. untill you can get it fixed.

    dont wait too long


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