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Thread: Champion Accelerator Flush Valve

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    Steve while the flush seems very different trust me the power is there. It will take anything you give it!

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    Steve, you have one of the finest toilets made, and it is working fine so don't try to adjust anything. You are just used to an old full flow monster that dumped 4 or 5 gallons of water so it's hard to believe that 1.6 gallons can be effective, but it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve_m_d View Post
    Thanks, Maddog.

    Maybe the flush valve wasn't my real problem. I went ahead and replaced the toilet with the Toto Drake. The new toilet flushes, but doesn't seem to have any power. Anyone know if there is some sort of adjustment I can try? The tank seems to be filling fine.
    Not sure you can compare the flush to that of the Champion. The Champion has a very 'violent' flush - probably to get all those golf balls down! Don't think you can go wrong with the Drake, though. I'll probably be looking at the Eco-Drake if this new flush valve doesn't work out. There was a post from one user that the new flush valve seal began leaking after about 4 months.

    I'm a little concerned about what the tile floor might look like with a different bowl foot-print. The tile guy put grout around the base. It looks real nice, but could be difficult to get completely off. Good luck with the Drake! -dog

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    Default Flush valve

    I've had this flush valve for about 4 or 5 years and I love it; it works perfectly!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dunbar Plumbing View Post
    It seemed to me that it was the actual flush valve that was making it hard to flush....not the setup of the trip lever.

    I checked this by manually pulling the flush valve assembly up by hand.

    Lots of water/head holding that assembly down flat. I personally do not like the design at all.


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