My mother has a 36 series PF kitchen faucet 8H6-85PC purchased 2-3 years ago at one of the bigbox stores. This faucet developed a leak and upon removing the stem discovered that it has 2 ceramic mating surfaces and a thin rubber washer on the bottom.

I thought that the ceramic was supposed to be a lifetime like deal. It certainly doesnt seem like it should be leaking after only 2-3 years. The local ******* sells the complete stem assembly (PF brand) for $16 each(S10-900). But no other washers etc. for this faucet. I don't particularly want to spend $32 fixing a relatively new faucet. There doesnt seem to be any particulate material preventing the seal.

Can these ceramic seals be polished, such as with 1000 grit emery cloth? Any other inexpensive solutions?

Thanks in advance for any help.