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Thread: Toilet that fits a very small bathroom

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    Default Toilet that fits a very small bathroom


    Does someone could help me with the following problem? I will be very grateful...

    Currently I have a toilet with 12" rough-in and it is 28" long. I guess the toilet wasn't installed proper and there is no gap between the back of the toilet and the wall.

    I don't have tiles right now, but I want to put tiles while repairing the bathroom. Tiles add some thinkness to the wall and I will have to move the toilet forward. As a result, I could only use the toilets with 10" rough-in or smaller (if such exist) for my future project.

    Also, I can't move the toilet more than 2 inches forward, otherwise I won't be able to open to door to the bathroom (the toilet will be on the way

    So, the limitations are the following: 10" (or less) rough-in toilet that is no more that 26 1/2" long. Do you know any models that will fit this crazy criteria?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Default toilet

    What is the "exact" dimension from where the face of the tile will be to the center of the toilet's pipe. Just because a toilet is called 12" does not mean that is what it has to be. Many 12" toilets fit on a pipe 11 1/4" from the wall, for example. If you use a 10" toilet its front will move forward the distance that the drain is greater than 10".

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    Most manufactuers make a 10" toilet.
    Toto has an "inexpensive" 10" toilet called the Reliance it's a C703-10.
    Overall dimensions is 27" it's 26" plus a 1" gap behind the wall, so it you need a bit smaller rough-in than 10" you have a 1" space to use.

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    It looks like the AS Cadet3 RF 10 inch RI, and the Gerber Viper RF 10 inch RI will meet those specs, just barely.

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    Thanks for the reply, hj!

    The exact dimension from the center of the pipe to the tiled wall is 10 3/4 inches.

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    Thank you so much to all of you for the quick reply.
    It seems that so far I have 3 options:

    TOTO Reliance C703-10.
    AS Cadet3 RF 10 inch RI (2384-010).
    Gerber Viper RF 10 inch RI

    I really liked the design of Cadet3, you know design is kinda important for girls Do you know of any good/bad reviews about AS Cadet 3?
    Which one of the three models mentioned above is better (flushes better, more reliable)?


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    The cadet does look nice. I have installed a few and have not had any problems with them.
    I'm just starting to work with an old friend of mine to bring solar electric and hot water systems, wind turbines, Flex Fuel Boilers, batteries, hydroponic gardening, books, pellet grills and more. Also the parts for DIY installation.

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    You can compare the MaP Testing results here:
    They may not have tested the exact same models you are looking at, but it will give you an idea.

    One member reported having trouble finding a Cadet3 bowl that was flat on the bottom. If you decide you like the Cadet3, I would definitely pull the bowl out of the carton and check to see if it is flat before leaving the dealer.
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