Does someone could help me with the following problem? I will be very grateful...

Currently I have a toilet with 12" rough-in and it is 28" long. I guess the toilet wasn't installed proper and there is no gap between the back of the toilet and the wall.

I don't have tiles right now, but I want to put tiles while repairing the bathroom. Tiles add some thinkness to the wall and I will have to move the toilet forward. As a result, I could only use the toilets with 10" rough-in or smaller (if such exist) for my future project.

Also, I can't move the toilet more than 2 inches forward, otherwise I won't be able to open to door to the bathroom (the toilet will be on the way

So, the limitations are the following: 10" (or less) rough-in toilet that is no more that 26 1/2" long. Do you know any models that will fit this crazy criteria?

Thanks a lot!