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Thread: Follow-up: how to remove cast iron sink without damaging laminate counter?

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    Default Follow-up: how to remove cast iron sink without damaging laminate counter?

    I posted here yesterday about my bizarre self-destructing sink. Now we need to get that puppy out without damaging our brand new laminate countertop. The cast iron sink is adhered to the laminate counter with a silicone seal; it's a self-rimming drop-in sink. From my online research, our options seem to be:

    1. slide a blade or razor under the sink to break the silicone seal, and lift sink out. Is it really that simple? How would we get a blade along the back edge, where we have limited space (1 inch, perhaps?) between the sink lip and the backsplash?

    2. use Goof-Off to help "dissolve" (my word, not sure what the right term is) the silicone, perhaps in conjunction with a blade, and lift out sink. If we do this, do we risk damaging the laminate or the underlaying wood?

    3. Use a sledgehammer to break the sink into smaller bits, then use a knife or blade to break the silicone. The advantage of this is we'd be working with smaller, more manageable pieces and might have a better time getting that back edge un-adhered... the disadvantage is mess/dust, and attempting to return a busted up sink to the store... If we go this route, I'll bring my photos and video to the Big Box and make sure they're OK with this approach before we swing a hammer...

    Does anyone have insight as to which option should be our best (or first) choice? Does anyone have any tricks or techniques to make this go smoother?

    Thanks everyone! And PS - I apologize if I should've posted this in the original thread instead of starting a new subject... the subject matter seemed different enough that it warranted a new post. I'm a newbie here and unsure of etiquette on this board and apologize if I did the "wrong" thing.
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    You have to smack the bejesus out of a cast iron sink to break it! You would surely damage the countertop.

    A still but flexible putty knife cna probably be slid under the edges, being careful to not scratch the formica. It will be difficult to get under the back edge.

    I don't know if you can get any caulk remover (available at the hardware stores) under where the caulk actully is.

    In the end, you do run the risk of lifting the formica. It is just a chance you have to deal with.

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    Try a very "HOT" hair dryer to soften the caulking before using the putty knife,


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    Just read your other posts about your sink if you can possible but up with this a bit longer???

    i have done mfg's service work for many years they should "PAY" a lic. plumber to replace this at their "expense" if you can get a hold of the mfg
    thats what i would do!!
    that way if your counter top gets damaged, the plumber though the mfg
    would have to pay to repair or replace the counter top!!


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    not a bad idea, Mac... except Aqualux doesn't make this sink anymore. It's not at the Big Box, and it's nowhere to be seen on their website. Maybe I'll give them a try, though, and see what they'll offer to do... wouldn't hurt to try and call...

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    Smile sink removal...

    I've used a wallpaper razor scraper blade to do this before.(about a 3 1/2" single edge blade.)I used it on "real" laminate not that big box postformcountertop in your picture...they damage real easy!I taped around the sink first.Got the front/side corners cut and then I worked the thin end of a shim in to give a little clearance for the blade.Used it like a saw across the front and sides working towards the back.was able to lift the sink just a little and cut the back side first from underneath with a razor knife and then worked the bigger blade in to finish the job.A royal PITA,lucky I didn't cut a major artery!!(LOL)My insurance guy would of had a coronary if he seen me do this...

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    Thumbs up Great Tool

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    The Mfg. through a plumber would be the best bet if they will agree to it with the stipulation that they will replace the counter if it gets damaged.

    Next the putty knife and take your time.

    Slowly do the 3 sides until they are free. You may want to use shims as you go to help lessen the weight of the sink to the counter top as you go around. Then when the 3 sides are free you can carefully lift the sink from the front to make access to the rear edge easier and work the scraper in from the sides slowly.

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    Heck, from what I saw on that video, just wait for it to completely self destruct.
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    I just put an update in my other post - we successfully got the sink out without damaging the counter (except for one small scratch) and we got all our money back for the sink, plus got new drains for free since we couldn't get those out, either. Royal PITA, but the people at M------ were very easy to work with, and at least it's over. Thanks so much to all of you for your ideas and suggestions!


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