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Thread: Toilet DWV EMERGENCY!

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    Default Toilet DWV EMERGENCY!

    If you are a professional plumber, please respond to my post immediately. Much thanks in advance.

    Hired a man to replumb the bathroom. From the toilet bend to the 4" vertical DWV stack he installed ten horizontal (pitched) feet of 3" pipe. There are two forty-five degree elbows and one ninety degree elbow in the ten foot run of 3" pipe (the ninety degree bend is six feet away from the toilet bend and four feet from the 4" DWV). At the ninety degree bend the lavotory drain joins the toilet drain and at nine feet the tub drain joins the toilet drain. All the fixtures drain and are air vented by the same 4" vertical DWV pipe at the end of the ten foot run. The ten foot run of 3" horizontal pipe does not join the 4" verticle pipe with a long sweep elbow.

    Isn't this all wrong? I am not a plumber but I can read and common sense tells me...if there's a blockage in the toilet pipe it will back up into the sink and the bathtub. I'm not sure there will be sufficient venting from the toilet given the length of the run and all the turns.

    There's plenty of space for him to run the horizontal 3" drain from the toilet directly into the verticle 4" DWV and by way of a much shorter span - six or seven feet rather than ten feet. Then he could let in the lavatory and tub drain independently using what I heard described as a Wisconsin Cottage tee.

    Should I assert myself and stop him in his tracks before it gets all framed and durocked and tiled in!

    Or am I worrying about nothing and what he's doing is fine?

    The plumber will be back in eigiht hours to continue with the installation...

    The plumber is italian and does not speak English and I do not speak Italian. The Dominican contractor who brought him to us (and speaks Spanish) has been translating.

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