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Thread: Mortared shower pan on slab foundation

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    I have read all the posts, and I am getting a little confused. I also am trying to put in a shower on a slab floor. I bought the liner and what I am unsure of is the order of the process. The area where I am building the shower pan is where there was a old tub. The slope will go forward to the old drain of the tub. So do I use thin set to build a slope? Then is the liner put in place? then do I put more thin set or cement board on the rubber liner? Then tile? Thanks Jesse

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    All those questions will be answered if you check out the 'Liberry' at www.johnbridge.com. You may need to do some addtional work first, though. You tub drain is very likely a 1.5" one, and a shower requires 2" all the way back to where it is at least 2" pipe (can't throttle it down by going from a 2" drain to a 1.5" pipe).

    Basically, a traditional shower pan is composed of 5-layers (well, six if you consider the first):
    1 - a bonding agent to make sure the next layer sticks to the slab
    2 - deck mud (mix of sand and portland cement) shaped with the proper pitch to the drain at 1/4" per foot from the longest distance. This can get messy if the drain isn't centered.
    3 - the liner
    4- the setting bed - another layer of deck mud (actually parallel to the sloped layer - i.e., equal thickness)
    5 - thinset to hold the tile down
    6 - finished tile.

    There are also special considerations to ensure the curb remains waterproof and you can tile it. Over concrete it's good to use bricks or pavers to make the curb rather than wood, which is often used over a wooden subfloor.
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