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Thread: Tank to Bowl Seal

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    Default Tank to Bowl Seal

    Hello All,

    Is the seal between the tank and the bowl (on a standard 2-piece toilet) formed by the rubber gasket between the fill tube and the tank, or the thick rubber gasket between the bottom of the tank and the bowl?
    A friend had a toilet leaking here, and I wasn't sure if we needed to change the gasket under the fill tube inside the tank.

    Also, when tightening this down, (with the large plastic nut on the botom of the fill tube), how tight do you tighten the nut?

    Also, When tightening the tank/bowl bolts down, is it a problem if one side of the tank gets tightened down more than the other side, in other words, the tank is not level from side to side?

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    Its a flush valve plus atank to bowl gasket.close couple bolts need to be tightend evenly . I use alittle plumbers putty on all .to make sure .
    do not over tignten.

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    If it leaks all the time, your tank-to-bowl bolts need tightening or to be replaced.

    If it only leaks when you flush, then it's the foam gasket between the tank and bowl that needs replacing.

    Tighten the tank-to-bowl bolts evenly: Alternate from one side to another when tightening them. If the foam gasket is squished down more on one side than the other that may explain why the tank is not level and why you have a leak.

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    I always use a nut directly on the underside of the tank, to snug up the bolt gasket inside the tank. Then the nut on the underside of the bowl flange is only to steady the tank and even it up. HAND TIGHT ONLY is what I do. Press down on the tank a little on one side. This removes all tension; run the nut by hand. Then press the other side, run the nut. Repeat this back and forth until the tank is level, and a good squeeze is made on the tank to bowl gasket. Some toilets will go all the way to porcelain touching porcelain. Some will not.


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