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Thread: Kichen Sink Venting Issue

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    Default Kichen Sink Venting Issue

    I live in Massachusetts and I am currently renovating my kitchen. I would like to place a pass-through above my kitchen sink into the living room. Currently the vent for the kitchen sink rises vertically in a stud bay right in the middle of the proposed pass-through opening. I would like to know if it would be acceptable by code to redirect the sink vent pipe to the left and follow the outer perimeter of the pass-through opening and reconnect it to the existing vertical ceiling location. (see photos. If not can you suggest an alternative plan that would achieve same result. I appreciate your advice

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    Default vent

    No reason not to do it that way.

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    Default Reventing Kitchen Sink

    Yes to make vent like you show is "OK" just make sure where you do bottom,
    turn over that it is above the flood level of the sink!!


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    Thanks for the reply jerry

    I take it that the flood level of the sink would be considered even with the counter top

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    Above the point where, if the sink was flooding, it would be entirely above that point. Some places want it 6" above that point.
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