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Thread: Grohe 34.124 Rough-In Valve Installation

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    Default Grohe 34.124 Rough-In Valve Installation

    Hi All.
    Need some advice, please. Building a new home and wanted a custom shower in the Master Bath. Purchased a Grohe 34.124 rough-in thermostatic valve, 3 body sprays, and a wall union/holder for a hand shower. Going to install components in a Pearl acrylic shower.
    I received all the valves and trims and started reading the documentation for all and inspecting the pieces and parts and starting to get nervous about the installation because they all seem to be geared toward a custom tile shower installation and not a thin plastic shower installation. According to the diagram for the thermostatic valve, a LARGE hole must be cut into the shower wall to be able to access the parts inside the valve for maintenance/adjustment. Naturally, I am leary of cutting that large of a hole in the shower unit and not having it work/seal correctly! I haven't received the shower unit itself but I assume the thickness of the walls to be fairly thin. Specifically, the valves and sparays have no real mounting/attaching provisions to "mount" into holes in the shower. I am planning the installation myself so any advise as to "attach" the valves/sprays to the acrylic shower wall would be appreciated. Also, all the valves/sprays/volume controls are threaded; would I be better off disassembling everything to remove the plastic parts and sweating the threaded fittings to copper adapters, or would the use of pipe dope or teflon tape be ok. Thanks in advance for the help, as I don't know if I spent $1600 on valves and parts was the best idea I had!

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    You have to provide the mounting surfaces and not depend on the shower walls to secure the valve. Cutting a large hole in the wall is no different, or more likely to leak, than making the same sized hole in a tile wall. Normally putting $1,600 in valves into a plastic shower stall would be the questionable decision.
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