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Thread: Sump Pump Line reducing question

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    Default Sump Pump Line reducing question

    Hello All,

    I am replacing my old Wayne sump pump that failed to activate when I test filled the sump pit with water and the float switch didn't float and activate. The Wayne pump has, what looks like, a standard garden hose (1" diameter) attached to it for a discharge.

    I am going with a Zoeller M53 but it has a 1.5" discharge line and I would rather keep the current discharge line configuration intact. So the two questions are:

    1) Would there be any harm in reducing from the Zoeller 1.5" discharge line to the 'utility' hose line which measures 1" in diameter?

    2) If question 1) is a 'no harm' then where would the best place be to put the check value? On the 1.5" line or on the 1" discharge line?


    BTW, Great forum very informative.
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    Sump pumps are not designed to pump pressure. What you are doing by using the smaller discharge is creating excess back pressure on the pump and basically reducing its effeciency and the life of the pump. If you are wise enough to invest in a Zoeller, Do yourself a favor, and upgrade the discharge to handle the performance of that pump.

    With that being said, I chose not to go with the above in my home. The previous owner installed a sump pit, and garden hose discharge attatched to a generic pump. Pump failed when I used it to pump water out of the forms for my driveway (oops). I replaced the pump with another small big box special, because my sump only saw water this spring for the first time in 5 years. It ran 1 time every 1/2 hour for about 3 weeks, then the sump is dry again. I saw no reason to put a pile of 20's into the hole for something that gets used very very little. If I had a situation where there was water constantly, I would go with the zoeller, and the 1.5 pipe.
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    The garden hose will handle about 7 gpm on average and that's with more pressure than that pump can deliver. The 1.5hp pipe will handle all the pump can produce. I am not familiar with Zoeller pumps model #'s so I can't tell you what to expect in gpm from it, but any decent sump pump will do at least 30 gpm. If you restrict that to 5 gpm and your sump is filling at 10 gpm, where is the extra water supposed to go?


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    thanks Mr. Pike and Bob. Both great points. Seems that I need to design my pump installation with that in mind and either go with a 1.5" discharge line or use a smaller pump for the garden house line.

    I really need to see what my requirments are, ie. how much the pit gets filled during the rain season. We just moved in here last month, so I am leaning on the safe side with a Zoeller M53.

    thanks Guys


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