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Thread: What's the secret to no leak the first time?

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    Default What's the secret to no leak the first time?

    Hi all. I have been doing my own plumbing repairs for decades but to this day I have not figured out a way to install a water supply line (generally 3/8ths chromed copper)with a brass compression sleeve that does not leak. Further tightening of the nut does not seem to help. Years ago I even snapped a line off due to overtightening. I usually end up having to take it all apart and making a new tube/sleeve assy. and trying again. Sometime I just wait until the fitting crusts up. Gotta be a better way.
    I make sure there are no burrs on the tube. Should I be coating the sleeve & tube w/ joint compound before I install? What's the secret y'all? Thanks.........................TSPORT
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