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Thread: Replacement window balancer?

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    Default Replacement window balancer?

    I have single pane double hung windows, they are original from when the house was built in 1950. The balancers are steel coil springs about 18-24 inches long, and are accessible without tearing the window jamb apart.

    I have a few of these springs that are broken, would like to replace them. As far as I can tell, the windows are "Curtis" brand. Couldn't find anything by searching on the internet. Can anyone please recommend a source where I can order the replacement balancer springs? Thanks.

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    I have never seen a balance that was not replaceable. I can't picture yours from the description. But the fact that you know it is a steel coil means you have some idea what it is. Almost always the balance can be removed by screws, if it is a steel wire wrapped in a spring coil,....or the springs are accessible by removing an access panel. You might have to look closely as the screws may be heavily painted over.

    Some pictures would help.

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    I have an acct. with C L R ,GO TO THERE ON LINE CATALOG

    They will sell to you. They supply all the glass shops


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