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Thread: Moen or Delta Tub and Shower Faucet?

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    Talking Price Phister faucets are a joke

    You cant be serious about telling someone that price fister is better than Delta???

    Price Fister is mostly sold in hardware stores to un-suspecting customers that simply dont know any better.

    Delta faucets are probably dollar for dollar the best most dependable faucets sold on earth..

    you can literally carry around every repair part to repair any Delta facuet ever made all teh way back into the 60s.. and this all can be carried around in a box no larger than a small fishing tackle box. (maybe smaller) Their patented parts are all integrated and are very easy to changeout

    also the parts do have a lifetime warranty....

    everyone has copied their design too, now that the patent has run out.
    what does that tell you??

    The parts book alone for Price Fister faucets is about the size of a phone book. They must comletely re-design all their parts every year or two.

    I dont know how many times I have had to tear out that junk because it was literally impossible to get the right parts ,, even direct from the factory.,

    Even the factory did not know what parts to send a lady I worked for one time.\ She was selling her home and had a double bowl sink with one defective faucet out on it.....price fister.....

    PF sent her three different stem parts to repair the junk and couldent get it right... (you could not read the ser# on the faucets anymore)
    PF was totally clueless

    the new homeowner insisted on matching faucets on the wide spread sink
    and the people were literally packing to move out when I arrived.

    I ended up changeing out both faucets to Delta....this was about 10 years ago and I guarantee I can still repair those very same Delta faucets today.
    And I wont have to call the factory and beg them for odd ball parts.

    Most places HAVE COPIED the delta patent,
    even CHEAP the junk from tiawan
    with the copy cat delta parts are actually better than Price Phister.

    I have had to install price fister faucets for people that bought them from a hardware store, and they were bad right out of the box!

    I have installed literally thousands of 1500 and 1700 Delta faucets with very , very few problems.....they are the best.

    The pecking order for faucets

    1 delta
    2 peerless (delta)
    3 Moen
    4 Grohe
    5 Kohler
    6. American Standard
    7 Tiawan copy cat faucets.
    8. price fister
    9 lowest and cheapest junk you can buy. :

    just my opinion
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    This goes to show how opinions differ on these things. I happen to agree with Master Plumber Mark somewhat. I like Delta, Amr. Std. and Moen. My experiences with PP are not favorable. However, I do realize tha PP so dominates the market that on a % basis it might be comparable. There are just so many of them out there that you naturally see more repairs. It is a slight pain that they have had som many stems over the years that were similar but not interchangeable. Some of their worst designs were the hydroseal ( lousy chrome on the stems) and those long thin widespread lav stems (Marquis) with the huge handles and the tiny 00 washers.

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