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Thread: Leaking Moen Bathtub Spout Diverter

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    Default Leaking Moen Bathtub Spout Diverter

    I have an 11 year old Moen tub spout that has a diverter. About 1" from where it attaches to the wall, on the underside of the spout is a rectangular cutout with a hex-screw showing. When I run the tub, I get a few drips out of this hex screw area. When I pull the diverter up there is quite alot of water running what appears to be out of the middle or from around the hex screw. My concern is that with this higher amount, it could get back into the wall and stain my drywall ceiling that sits under the tub. Any ideas if this is normal ? I have not tried adjusting the hex nut yet, was waiting to hear if anyone knew what this did first.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance !

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    NOt normal.......you have a leak in there. The screw is a retaining screw. Unscrew it, then slip the whole spout off the end of the pipe. You might just need a new spout. Might need to repair the pipe.

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    Jimbo -

    Took of the faucet and found the O-ring curled up inside the faucet. Probably has been this way for 11 years when it was built new. O-ring had a squished shape so I knew it wasn't from taking it off. Don't know if this goes on the very end of the faucet or if there is a recessed area in the faucet where it is supposed to fit. If it is the recessed area, I'll never get it back in, so will go by the plumbing store to get a new one.

    Cheers !

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    Should have called Moen, they would have replaced it for free, and you just need a new diverter cup seal part #101237 @ www.moen.com


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