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Thread: clogged toilet

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    Default clogged toilet

    Hello everyone.This is my first post.

    I have an american standard cadet toilet that is partially clogged.(wife says she dropped a (hair scrunchie) down it.I have snaked it from the front,taken the bowl off and snaked it from the bottom of the trap,garden hosed it both ways no luck.

    I have tried different techniqs using the augers,nadda.

    The snakes (2 different toilet augers)are pro grade(not cheapos)
    A smaller 1 1/4"-2" electric snake Pro grade.

    When I took the bowl off I can hear something rattling in side the bowl,but I just can,t seem to catch it on the auger.

    I was thinking of sharpening the tip on the toilet auger to see if I can catch what evers in there.

    Any suggestions? I'm looking for the sledge hammer! LoL

    Thanks in advance

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    Default toilet

    1. Shine a flashlight up into the toilet through the bottom opening. You should be able to see to the top of the trap.
    2. Use a small mirror and that same flashlight to inspect the front of the trap from inside the bowl.
    3. If there is anything inside the bowl you will be able to see it from one end or the other.
    4. Once you know what the problem is, you can decide how to undo it.

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    If you have scratched the porcelain inside the toilet bowl itself, I'd toss the bowl as a Cadet bowl isn't even $100.

    Especially as much time as you've invested already.
    Read what the end of this sentence means.

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    HJ : The mirror trick sound pretty good I'll give it a shot

    Rugged: I hear you,its not even that I have to buy a new bowl,I have three other new ones to replace it.I think its more personal.I guess I don't like to lose(haha)

    I'll give it one more shot then (bam)

    I'll post what I find inside

    Thanks guys Greg


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