Hello everyone.This is my first post.

I have an american standard cadet toilet that is partially clogged.(wife says she dropped a (hair scrunchie) down it.I have snaked it from the front,taken the bowl off and snaked it from the bottom of the trap,garden hosed it both ways no luck.

I have tried different techniqs using the augers,nadda.

The snakes (2 different toilet augers)are pro grade(not cheapos)
A smaller 1 1/4"-2" electric snake Pro grade.

When I took the bowl off I can hear something rattling in side the bowl,but I just can,t seem to catch it on the auger.

I was thinking of sharpening the tip on the toilet auger to see if I can catch what evers in there.

Any suggestions? I'm looking for the sledge hammer! LoL

Thanks in advance