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Thread: Air chambers help water pressure?

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    Question Air chambers help water pressure?

    I am currently taking a home repair class on plumbing and the teacher said that air chambers will help increase water pressure as well as get rid of water hammer. Is this true? It doesn't seem to make much sense to me unless the difference is really small. Thanks.

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    Air chambers do not increase the water pressure, they only stop water hammer.
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    Default aie chambers

    In a very small way, but they do not increase pressure, they can maintain it. In certain situations, namely a very long or small water main, when a faucet is opened quickly, the pressure can drop "momentarily" due to the inertia of the water. The air chambers, or an expansion tank, being partially filled with compressed air will try to release that pressure when the incoming pressure drops to zero. When they do that, it will eliminate a "reverse" water hammer when the water starts to move, and also keep the pressure constant during that period.

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    Default I would use a water hammer arrestor

    I would rather use a water hammer arrestor than a air chamber. Air can be dissolved over time and reduce the amount of room that the water can 'move' when a valve is closed. Sioux Chief and PPP both make them.



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