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Thread: flushometer to tank pressure assisted?

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    Question flushometer to tank pressure assisted?

    I live in New York City and my apartment has a Flushometer (tankless) style toilet that I wish to replace.

    Can I replace it with a Pressure Assited style toilet that has a tank? A tank-style toilet is so much more aesthetic. Or am I stuck with a tankless toilet?


    Any help is greatly appreciated. And this is a really great site!

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    It definitely can be done if the toilet you have now is like what you have pictured. The waterline will need to be moved down to the side of the toilet (left side if facing the toilet, right side if sitting on the toilet). I usually put these about 6" from centerline of drain and 8" above finished floor. If you're going to be putting a one piece toilet in the waterline most likely will need to be further over than that. In addition, the waterline you have now for the toilet is 1". This will need to be reduced to 1/2" when you move it.

    Now if this happens to be a wall mounted/carrier toilet, you've got a bigger animal to wrangle as the drain will need to be replumbed.

    Good luck

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    You may also want to check the "rough-in".

    Measure from the back wall to the bolts that hold down the toilet.
    A standard measurement would be 12"


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