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Thread: Tub/Shower Surround: Swanstone, Corian, ???

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    Default Tub/Shower Surround: Swanstone, Corian, ???

    I thought Swanstone was the best idea for solid surface but now I'm not sure. I try and think long term when I renovate so what I use today isn't out of date 10 years from now. I like the simplicity of solid surface.

    Anyone have any other ideas? I don't want something that is going to weigh a ton either.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bjferri
    ... think long term .... simplicity of solid surface .... any other ideas? ....
    think Wedi. Add 18" by 36" porcelain tile on top. Epoxy grout. That is flat clean and dry.

    As for solid surface materials, I would like to know more about the guarantees, warranties, and testing that the solid surface manufacturers have paid to have done by third party organizations, to ensure that their materials are truly able to meet the challenge of keeping a shower wall and floor dry and mold free over the years. The biggest challenge is in commercial steam showers, and I know Wedi is installed in these. You can even build a bathtub out of Wedi. So far, all I know about the solid surface manufacturers is that they avoid talking about shower applications.



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