My wife noticed some moisture on the floor around the toilet Friday morning, so I figured the wax ring in our front bathroom went kaput. Pulled the toilet, and there was a big waxy mess, so I scraped up everything I could, cleaned it all off, and set the new ring in place. I had never done this before, but I didn't nick the wax or anything like that - I was pretty careful to set the ring in place and lay the toilet on it evenly. No visible leaks yet (knock on wood).

But now, while taking a shower, we're having a problem with bubbling coming up from not only the toilet that's in the same bathroom, but also bubbling from the toilet in our master bathroom (which is currently undergoing an "extended remodel" - toilet hasn't been flushed in months). That toilet is at least 20 feet away.

Everything else seems to be draining properly. The washer (which is nearby) doesn't seem to cause any bubbles.

Any ideas? Partial blockage? Snake it out? Thanks!