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Thread: AARRGGHH!! Everything is stuck in my toilet!!

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    Angry AARRGGHH!! Everything is stuck in my toilet!!

    Toilet was jammed -- probably too much paper.

    Plunged for two straight days -- no joy.

    Bought a closet auger at the hardware store. Put it in and rotated it a couple of times. Didn't seem to go in far enough. I can't stand for long so I took it out a couple of times.

    Went back a few hours later and put it and rotated it. Now I can't get the darn thing out.

    I think maybe the hook on the end is stuck on the hole where the water comes in to flush the toilet. The handle is fully pulled out. The plastic bent part of the auger seems to be only in about 2 or 3 inches.

    I've tried turning the handle. Doesn't seem to want to turn. Won't go in further. Won't come out.

    I've hated this toilet since the day I laid eyes on it. But, I need it.

    Got any ideas (other then removing it from the floor)??



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    It sounds like part of the trapway is broken and the auger is caught on it...I heve run into this a couple of times over the years the only solution for this is replacement ...if that is the problem...pull it and bring it outside and then you can tip it over and examine it to see what the problem is.

    Besides that fiddling with the auger is all you can do.

    Closet Auger with 1-3/8" end.
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    Talking you got troubles

    you bought a cheap auger and it has twisted and folded
    back over on itself. ....

    now it is probably pernamently jammed in the trap

    Most likely ....
    the toilet is probably ruined but you can try to
    to manhandle the auger and just yank as hard as you can
    and you might get lucky

    try pushing it further into the trap and pulling back as hard
    as possible....

    I have screwed myself like this before
    with a cheap flimsey auger...and had to get the customer a
    new toilet

    so just expect to buy yourself a new toilet...
    and go for broke fighting that auger...

    you have nothing to lose......

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    Default auger

    Try reversing the rotation of the auger while pulling back on it. A plumber with a good auger might be able to get it working, depending on what is stuck in the toilet.

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    I already did what Mark suggested and got the auger out. (The toilet's still not working.)

    The plumber had suggested that the toilet be replaced a few months ago. The thing gets blocked all the time. But, basically, it seemed to be working with a few swears and few plunges or a few gallons of additional water ... so I was putting it off.

    My landlord is not gonna be pleased. But, this toilet hasn't worked right from the time it was put in.

    I guess I was trying to save him some money and some inconvenience. Stupid ... I know


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    The correct way to use a toilet auger is to place the tip in the trap hole, then push and turn at the same time until it clears the trap. You do the opposite to remove it (pull and turn).

    Quote Originally Posted by barbaratoo
    But, this toilet hasn't worked right from the time it was put in.
    Once you clear out the debris, you can try adjusting your fill valve and/or flapper to allow more water into the bowl.
    It may not have been adjusted properly from the beginning. Hence, the poor flush.
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