My wife and I are house hunting in another state and have found a 9-year old house we like very much. But yellow flags have gone up on two electrical situations. Of course, if we decide to bid on this house we'll have an inspector check these out, but I'd like to get your opinions before we get to that point.

1. The circuit breaker panel is in a corner of the basement and none of the breakers are smaller than 20 amp. (There are no 15 amp breakers.) But the receptacles in the house are 15-amp receptacles. Is this allowed?

2. The circuit cables coming out of the panel are run through holes drilled into the ceiling joists. I believe the joists are 2x10 and span 12-14'. There are 7 or 8 holes drilled side-by-side about 2" up from the bottoms of the joists, starting about 6" from the concrete wall that supports the ends of the joists. Is this a cause for concern? I had always thought that holes should be drilled in the middle of the joists. (I took a photo but didn't bring the cable to allow me to download it to my laptop and attach it here.)

Thanks in advance.

- Bernie