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Thread: Bacement cleanout trap has a small hole

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    Default Bacement cleanout trap has a small hole

    Hello all--I have a cast iron --Trap that runs along the basement wall--Its U shapped with two 4 inch cleanouts plugs on it--My problem is--I noticed a small leak last night on my basement floor--and found that the pipe has a small hole right at the U therest of the pipe is fine--My question is--Can i go to ********* and get some type of a patch kit or some kind of a fiberglass repair-such as the ones they use on OIL TANKS that leak.. Right now i have Silicone adhesive over the small hole and its working 100% no problems--I dont trust that tho--I want a better patch! Why the hole is there is another question--The pipe is old--and doesnt have any other areas that need fixing--I think when i added Acid to the pool through the pipe--It did something.. Thanks for any help!! Have a great day!! MARK

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    post some pictures if you can.

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    Try jb weld epoxy.

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    Sounds like a whole house trap...how old is your home.

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    Default The house is about 65 Yrs old

    I know i can change the trap assy--But i'm also sure i can seal it--Hell--They seal Fuel oil tanks 275 gal jobs--With fiberglass sealer--I've seen it--So this trap should be a snap to seal.. I sanded the area--Its all clean now ready to seal.. I was also told by a few other about JB Weld.. Thanks so much for getting back to me.... All of you!! Have a good night! MARK

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    Default hole

    Cast iron pipes do not have "small" holes. The small hole is usually just the tip of a larger pit on the inside. If you tap around the small hole you should have a large hole in short order.


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