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Thread: size of a stand up shower

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    Smile size of a stand up shower

    I am in Texas, but that may not matter. What is the smallest dimensions you can have on a stand up shower- 3' x 3', 2' x 4'????

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    3'by3' is the smallest .

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    Thank you very much for responding, I was hoping that it could have been a tad bit smaller but I thought as much. Thanks again!

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    Code allows (I think) a slightly smaller shower, but you may be forever complaining as you'd be bumping into the walls, and forget about bending over to be able to pick something up, especially as you get older and are less flexible. Don't remember whether is is 32" or 30", but I highly recommend you don't go that small...you won't like it. Local rules may differ.
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    True ... The place on Fire Island has a 32x32 stall. I absolutely LOATHE it... and I'm a small guy, weight about 140.
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    What about an open type shower that you could close off with a curtain/rod? You might be able to get the space but not lose the space for the shower when not in use.
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    I am in a fix- my husband wants a stand up shower and tub. I have a 10 x 13 bath area in which I am trying to incorporate a tub, shower, vanity, toilet and some type of walk in closet. I was thinking I could have done something like a 30" x 72 - with just a shower curtain--but I think I will revamp my layout on the shower or forgo it all together. Again, thanks so much for all the valuable advice. Only registered today and I am very pleased with the response time as well as the responses


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