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Thread: Water level in toilet bowl

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    Question Water level in toilet bowl

    So , I finally got the toilet installed and seems to work great, BUT
    The level of the water in the bowl seems a little low. I was wondering if any knew how to raise the water level in the bowl of the toilet.

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    Default water

    Unless it is not filling all the way, you cannot raise the level. It is built into the toilet by the manufacturer. Slowly pour water into the toilet. If the level comes up, then it has to be adjusted to put more water into the bowl after the flush. If nothing happens, then what you have is all you will get.

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    So it's a new low flow toilet thing? The other toilets in our house are from the 80s, and I'm used to seeing a water level that is about half way up the bowl, and on this new toilet it only a couple of inches over the outlet.

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    It all depends on the manufacturer, it is not a low-flow thing. After the flush, water is supposed to be directed two places: fill the tank, and fill the bowl to overflowing. Obviously, they try to get the bowl level fill rate okay so they don't just waste more water down the drain. Most toilets have a hose from the fill valve directed into the tank's overflow pipe. This fills the bowl. If that hose is kinked, loose, or isn't running into the overflow, the bowl won't fill to the max. The bowl is like a cup with a hole part way up...you can only put so much water into it before it just runs out that hole. That is why HJ suggested to pour some water slowly into the bowl to see what that maximum level is - you may not be filling it. If the level doesn't change from pouring water into the toilet, then there's nothing you can do except buy a different toilet - that's the way it is. If it does go up and stays there, then look in the tank to figure out why it is not filling.
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    Thanks for the info guys!!

    I will try and pour more water into the bowl and see if the level comes up. The hose that fills the overflow tube in in great shape and not kinked so it's either the way the toilet is manufactured or the fill level needs to be increased to allow more water to flow, filling the bowl to the proper level!!

    Thanks again!



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