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Thread: Is the color of toto toilets different from am standard ...

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    Cool Is the color of toto toilets different from am standard ...

    HI .. new to posting on site ,but been reading alot from everyone here ...great info to me while redoing bathroom ..thanks in advance to all . but here's my question will the toto toilets match the color (bone) of the american standard tub ..I would like to buy the ultramax toilet..

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    Sometimes even the manufacturer's colors don't match! The toto site has a chart that lists color matches. Some of the toto dealers have small glazed samples - if you are lucky, you can take them around and check it directly to see if you can live with the match. My unprofessional opinion.
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    I sell quite a bit of Toto Bone and it is pretty close to American Standard Bone and Kohler Almond.

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    When you change materials, such as a china toilet and an Americast tub, the colors are seldom the same even from the same manufacturer. Even if there is a slight difference you would be hard pressed to notice it because the planes of the tub and toilet with their curves, etc,, all work to change appearance of the colors.


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