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Thread: Uneven basement floor, how to install shower?

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    Default Uneven basement floor, how to install shower?

    Hi--I have an uneven basement floor--old 1924 house, everything slants to the floor drain. We are installing a bathroom with shower. With a 60" shower, the floor has probably a 1.5/2" difference from end to end. How do I do a good job with a remodeler shower here? Do I just bite the bullet and have a tile guy com in and build a shower pan? I was thinking of using a Sterling 4 piece to save money. But if the plumber install is going to cost me $$$, I might go with the tile. Suggestions?

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    An uneven floor in a 1924 house is probably not more than 3" thick. I would break out the shower area, put in the plumbing, and pour some serious reinforced concrete.

    Tile installed on concrete with proper mortar will last a long time. Some of the Roman baths still exist after more than 1000 years.

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    Talking very easy to fix.....

    do the sterling unit and use a level
    just use a level and put the base in concrete..

    the along the front of the base, you will have that gap to deal with....

    all you have to do is install a piece of plastic corner molding
    along the front of the lip....cutting it off one end to make it level all across the front ...

    just glue it in place with silicone....
    it will be good for 20 years


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