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Thread: under slab waste line pressure test

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    Default under slab waste line pressure test

    We have a slab house are redoing a bathroom do to leaks in both the supply and waste lines and have to replaced a section of the existing 4” cast iron with pvc. In addition we have roughed in three new fixtures and connected to this location as well given the cast iron was damaged. The joint is in the middle of the floor 18” below grade. The cast iron line then travels 20’ where it interests with 2 additional lines then an additional 20’ to the outside. Additionally, the closest vent is 10’ in the other direction. When we pulled the permit and talked with the Inspector he did not feel a test was needed as they considered it a “repair”, however his boss believes that one is needed as it is below slab. Does anyone know if the IPC allows for a test tee to be inserted between the pvc and cast iron (post inspection this will be buried and covered by the slab with no future access) to check for leaks, or what is the best way to isolate this part of the system for a pressure test.

    Thanks for your help.

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    They want to test the new system not the old.

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    I have a book that shows putting in the T's to add test balls to plug the pipe to isolate the parts you want to test. The code book does not talk about isolating part of the system, that would be up to the inspector, so ask him what he wants. I would ask him about the T's, see what he says it is the way to go.


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