hi hope i can get some help..had a fire and am just finnishing up bathroom ..after 4 months of renovations...this is my last room..i installed tub and it drained no problem..but when i installed sink..dammit i think i might have overlooked checking drain pipe for forgien material..when i ran water it came up in the tub ..and now tub drains very slowly so ..no ostruction between those two ..but must have a plug where drain goes into main sewer line..please tell me there is a way to snake these lines ...the p trap for the tub has no drain ..so snaking from the tub my best bet???....i hope someone can help ..maybe drain cleaner???..this is a upper bath over the newly remodeled kitchen ...i am going to have a stroke over this problem one of many problems i have had during renovations ...as insurance company would not pay ..because of knob and tube wiring so beware anyone who has it ...a answer with hope would be gratly appreciated thanks mikee