I purchased a breaker box with 2 slots for a project I am working on for a portable outdoor 30 amp to 15 amp converter that features an outdoor breaker box with two 15 amp breakers leading to 2 duplex outlets with an in-use weatherproof cover, raised up off the ground by a stand. I will then plug in 12 gauge extension cords for extra amperage in my vintage travel trailer. This is my solution to the breaker question thread, but now I have a new separate question/problem.

Anyhoo, the breaker box I purchased has the ground and neutral connected together. Is this normal for a sub breaker? Some websites I read say not to do it while others say its normal. Huh??

If its not normal, how do I deal with connecting the ground? Do I splice the outlet's ground to the 30 amp service ground directly without going through the breaker's ground strip (which is very obviously also the neutral connection off to the sides) or what? That certainly doesn't seem right from what I read online since current going through ground has something or other to do with tripping the breaker.

Can anyone clearify if its safe and normal for a sub breaker to have ground and neutral connected together, especially when it's going to be plugged into many different electrical systems. I need to know the universal way to wire the breaker box's ground & neutral in a safe fashion, if that is at all possible.