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Thread: Adding a utility sink in my Garage

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    Default Adding a utility sink in my Garage

    Thanks in advance for your help with this!!!

    I am planning to add a utility sink into my garage. I have access to a 3" drain line that comes from the upstairs master suite tub, shower and two sinks (toilet has a dedicated drain line).

    My plan is to place a wye in the 3" drain line, com out of the wall at a 90 and then on to the p trap for the sink. In that Line from the 90 to the p trap I plan to install a T and send off and vent with a Studor vent.

    Will this work I expected? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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    Slope all drain lines 1/4" per linear foot toward the main drain line.
    Check with your Building Inspection Department to see if air admittance valves (aka Studor vents) are allowed by local code.
    Good luck!


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