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Thread: Where to hang the submersible?

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    Default Where to hang the submersible?

    I have a hard rock well about 700' deep. Steel cased for 40' only. The static water level is at 145'. The well is said to produce 4GPM. I will pump up a hill to a 3,000 gallon tank and use level controls for a drawdown of about 1,000 gallons. The elevation change will give about 60psi at the house.

    If I pump the well at 2GPM, can it be assumed that the water level will not drop greatly from the static level of 150'? I would like to use 1 loop of 200psi poly and set the pump at 300', rather than a 700' string of hard pipe with its greater difficulties of installation and removal.

    Its an old little used well and has no information available. It may be assumed that the driller hit water 5 or 600 feet down, and the water rose to 145'.

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    You probably won't know until you try it out, you always could pump at the max output of the pump until you started sucking air, and then put timers on the pump to limit the run time. Or you could restrict the output to 1-2 GPM and see if that would fully fill the Cistern, and adjust it upward until you were using just under the max output of the well. Trial and Error.


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    The Franklin Pumptec http://www.wwpp.us/pumptec/pumptec.shtml will work with 2-wire or 3-wire submersible pumps to turn off the pump if you run out of water and settable delay until the well has a chance to recover.

    Combine it with the smallest 4" submersible and you are in business.

    For less money you can use a timer that runs on intervals so it would cycle the pump on and off at intervals. You could have it run 1/2 hour on and half hour off when the tank calls for water; or whatever would keep things in balance.

    The Pumptec would be a better soulution.


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