I know it has been discussed before, but I have a couple of questions anyways.
We are a distributor of Maclean (Cuno) water conditioners. They are now offering Clack heads on some of their equipment. It looks like the Clack heads are simular to Cuno's "one Step" heads that we have had nothing but problems with. Typically, in my area, there is about 30-50 grains hardness and 1-2 ppm iron.

We mostly sell equipment with Fleck heads. We have tried Autotrol and the plumbers really don't seem to like them.

My question is, are we going to have trouble with Clack heads with this kind of Hardness and iron? And has anyone ever used Cuno's "One Step" equipment and the Clack equipment? If so, what are the differences?

Thank You,
Matt Bryan