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Thread: Toto Vespin tank supposed to be loose?

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    Default Toto Vespin tank supposed to be loose?

    My builder just installed four Toto Vespin (which I understand is Drake with a skirt) toilets in my home. I love them. They work great!

    The tanks on all units have a little bit of play front to back-- you can rock the tank a bit. I was expecting the tank to be solid with no rocking possible.

    Is this normal or does something need to be tightened more? The installation sheet says not to over tighten, so I didn't want to go messing around with it if it's how it is supposed to be.


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    We have one on display and tank rocks a bit as well, but there is no leak.

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    The amount of rock is subjective. You don't want it under actual compression since the porcelain is very brittle, but you should be able to get it so that it just about touches minimizing the amount of play there can be. Filling a porcelain tank with cold water in a hot room with things tight could spell disaster as things expand and contract, so a little play is good. The rubber will compress a little bit making it easier to tighten after sitting for awhile.
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    Default Loose Vespin tank

    I just got a vespin toilet installed today; I noticed the same rocking reported on this thread. My installer was also quizzical about this. From what I can see, it's installed correctly, but I'm not crazy about the loose fit - I just wonder what happens if someone inadvertantly leans back on the seat. What's worse is that the upper tank rocks when it's flushed. I've never experienced this before in a toilet. Is this common? I understand that a little play may make sense (although my previous toilets have all been two-piece and none of them ever rocked - they were all pretty rock solid). Is there an installation trick to minimizing this 'feature'? If I'd known this was how it was supposed to work, I wouldn't have gotten this toilet.


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    my vespin rocks too, noticeable when flushing.

    I haven't checked whether all three contact points are aligned properly.

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    I've seen some installers so afraid of tightening down, that they leave them loosey goosey.

    Most of the tanks install fairly solidly.
    Though sometimes there may be movement.
    It's a two bolt design that sets down into a cradle.

    I wasn't aware that tanks were meant to be leaned on though.

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    You do not want to over tighten. If it already feels "snug" then either the wrong gasket was used or the toilet design is just this way. As seen in the other posts regarding this issue we use a tank stabilizer by tank truss to solve this.
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