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Thread: Best finishing process for tub/shower inserts

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    Default Best finishing process for tub/shower inserts

    Not quite a true plumbing question, however. We have a two piece fiberglass tube/shower insert. I'm at the point of drywalling, do I butt the drywall up tp the flange of the insert leaving the drywall edge "proud"? The way I've been advised to do it is like mentioned above, then bridge the flange with the drywall using thin set or mortor, than tape and drywall compound, I guess finished with a bead of silicone at the joint. It sounds good, but I am not a pro, just wanting to get some ideas from those that are likley more experienced. If there is a forum more approproate for my question, I apologise.

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    Michael Billings

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    Default tub

    If it was installed properly the wallboard, hopefully not sheetrock, goes over the flange down to the raised portion of the wall panel.

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    How flat do you want the walls to be at the top of the surround? You can bring your wallboard down over the flange and keep your finishing simple if you do not mind a bit of distortion that is not visible when one's eyes are soapy, but if you want the walls truly flat, you can either do as advised or add some shimming to bring the frame line out flush with the flange.

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    This is a plumbing question....
    Your terminology is hard to interpret...but I'll take it from the top.
    The flange that's on the outside edge of the vinyl, acrylic or lucite tub is designed to be screwed onto the rough studs BEFORE putting up any cement board.

    Also...tack up strapping for the back edge of the tub to rest on...usually at about 13-1/2" to 13-5/8" at the top of the strapping from the rough floor (measure the underside of the back edge of the tub to assure this)...level it, tack it to the studs. (Tub full of water weighs an awful lot...you'll want all the support you can get)
    I'm going to shoot from the hip...you might want to have a plumber do this, the trip wastes can be tricky in tight spots.
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    I think he's talking about the top edge of a fiberglass surround, up above - not the flange on a tub.

    Abjosar - fancy running into you here...

    You can either do what Lee said - it really isn't all that noticeable - or you can tack some very thin wood strips to the studs. Basically build them out as far as the flange; then the rock's backed by a flat surface. 1/8" ply (cut in strips) usually works pretty well, your details may vary.

    If you're going to use sheetrock, get the purple stuff. The green & blue ones are obsolete, the paperless you have to skimcoat, and the regular should never see a bathroom.
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