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Thread: removing single handle shower faucet

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    Default removing single handle shower faucet

    hi. i'm trying to remove my shower handle. i already removed the small allen screw but i still can't pull it out. is there anything else that i need to take out? thanks!

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    All depends on what show handle you have but most of the time it takes a good pull, you normally have a billed up of lime.

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    Oh, wait....lets be clear on terminology...
    The "handle" is the chrome or brushed nickle finish handle...the "stem/ cartridge" is the actual working part of the valve the handle is attached to.
    If your only taking the "handle" off and it's a moen...DON'T pull that clip!
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    Default Moen

    Unless you remove the handle and stop tube, you can't even get to the clip. If it is a Delta lever handle shower valve, then the handle can corrode to the round stem on the ball. If so, you have to rotate it while pulling on it.


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