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Thread: dual flush with 14" rough-in?

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    Default dual flush with 14" rough-in?

    we just had a Toto Aquia dual flush installed and it's so great we want to put one in the other bathroom. the problem is that bathroom (the original in this 1936 house) has a 14" rough-in.

    so, is there a dual flush with a 14" rough-in or should we use the Aquia with the 12" and put in a "backing" (which is what the plumber said is an option)?
    btw, what exactly is a "backing" -- is it any piece of wood to bridge the gap or is it something specfic for toilets?


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    There is no reason to block behind any toilet.
    If you have a 14", that just means there is 2" more inches behind the toilet. No harm there.

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    does that mean there is not a dual flush with a 14" rough-in
    or that you would recommend the Aquia with the 12" rough-in and just leave an extra 2" behind it?


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    Most Toto Uni-fit's are available in 14" but Aquia is not.
    The backing would be a extention of the wall and it would look nicer than a 2" gap behind the toilet.

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    I dunno, a gap means you might be able to paint back there without pulling the toilet...all a matter of choice.
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    I'm with jadnashua! Since having the closet bend replacet from lead to pvc, I some how went from a 12" to a 14" rough in. I am just going to put in an Ultramax and forget the gap.


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